sábado, 10 de julho de 2010

BEAT CRUSADERS - Clown for the Day

Honey, don’t make me blue
Honey, don’t make me a fool
Of what you see and what you hear”

So poor
That was every word she said
Mam leaving home away
Like there was nothing for all those years

Daddy phones everyone in town
(Where would you go?)
Don’t know how many people around
(Where would you go?)
He’s in the guise
Everyone smiles
hit the party all day

Papa’s got been a clown for the day
Mama’s only one we lose
Papa’s got been a clown for the day
Mam’s only one we lose
Took so long I find the truth

Do you think I was crazy?
Do you think I was silly?
Would you get to come close tome?
Hold me now

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