sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2009

Monkey Majik - Tonight

It was just another day when we came home
People were flippin and trippin' catchin' the train stoned
Hal didn't even know why
But these things were just gonna fly with him and Geebs
Why don't ya just pump up the beats
Yo like I said before I was high by ten
It was me mayn and tax smokin in the den
And Misao had knocked with Hiro who looked 2 cool
So we decided we would party till the break of noon
Graham was on his way like any other day
With a bottle in his hand Ya know C Royal that is
So we got some cups and we took some shots!
Then we bebopped the microphone and juiced it up

Do Do Do

Wait stop the beat a minute I got something to say
Hey to much eminem has been in my head everyday
No disrespect dawg its not like youre listening to this CD
Im low class with a fat ass and I hang with M.O.N.K.E.Y.
Why is it fun like this
All day and all night all we do is practice
And we'll never stop cause its the way it is!
Yo Rob pass me a drink and spin the tune like this!

Do Do Do

Keep it up Keep it up Keep it ride
I'm living this feeling its making me so right
Get it up Get it up Get it up
I got this feeling it's making me so right

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